Applications Now Open for the 2018 Arts Fund is currently looking for teachers across the nation who want to bring the arts to their students—from drama to finger-painting to screen printing. From the generous support of individual donors and Fresh Produce, we are able to support classrooms with three $1,000 grants and 12 $500 grants.

Log into and click “Apply For Funding” to apply for the 2018 Arts Fund. The application closes November 30, 2018.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few videos from selected teachers in 2017:

Jenny’s classroom received funds for digital cameras and art supplies to help her students express themselves.

Ty needed the basics to bring the arts into his STEAM classroom.


21 Responses to “Applications Now Open for the 2018 Arts Fund”

  1. Bryan Porter

    I’m always looking for funding support to make experiential learning opportunities available to my students, particularly given the socioeconomic demographics of our school population.

  2. Christine Sowden Raynard

    Recently we built an igloo out of real apples. When we were done, we catapulted the apples into the woods for the wild animals for the winter. We have a high interested in building this year. Recently I purchased some magnetic building tiles. The students love them but there aren’t enough for the whole class. I am seeking to increase these tiles and tap into the engineering, math and technology aspect of STEM with these students.

  3. Michelle Kubath

    Since we are a parochial school, we do not receive any government funds for special art instruction. We cover the basics, but with the grant we would be able to fund some specialized projects as well as invite local artists to bring art lessons to our students.

  4. Tracee Moore

    My kindergarten students absolutely love showing their thinking through building and constructing in the classroom. Mmin math students build 3D structures, houses, shapes, sight words and more. Sadly, I do not have enough materials for all of my students to build at once. I would love to expand upon the arts in ny classroom by giving them more building materials to show their thinking.

  5. I teach the Gifted and Talented group which is a branch of Special Education. We use art supplies often to create Engineering hands on projects. In the fall of next school year, my middle school group will be a part of the Future City Engineering project. We will need many items to construct a city model. Paper, paint, brushes, craft items, recycled and unwanted items and much more. Thank you in advance!

  6. Lisa Robbins

    My kindergarteners love crafts, projects, and just being creative! I am always in need of beads, Pom poms, sequins, jewels, pop sickle sticks, pipe cleaners, glitter, paper punchers, and watercolor paper. Stringing beads and using the paper puncher helps develop their fine motor which helps them become better writers. Being able to have these in my classroom year round would be a true blessing!

  7. Sandra Weekes

    I am an artist that loves sharing my love of the visual arts with my high school students. Many of them never had an art class before. I am in great need of just basic supplies.
    Pastesls, color pencils, drawing pencils, markers, water soluable pastels, water soluable color pencils and paper , paint brushes, (Print making supplies such as brayers, linoleum blocks and carving tools

  8. I would love to buy a cricut for my classroom. The student’s could do so much on it including making T-shirts! I would also like to provide more materials for STEM activities. My class absolutely loves STEM activities. This class is very artistic and to have extra art supplies would be amazing! Anything from paint, paper, colored pencils that they could use! I have 23 students this year so it can be difficult at times to buy items like this for the whole class. Anything would help! Thank you!

  9. Our very strong Band and Orchestra Program, receives no funding from our school or district, due to lack of funding. We support ourselves from the donations we receive, from students families’ and community members, grants we write. We are however lacking in many areas to maintain the standard a successful High School Instrumental Music Program should demonstrate. Our list includes items our school and district cannot or will not afford, as well as daily consumables. Our vision is to guide students to becoming productive and model citizens with music through Band and Orchestra. To provide high quality opportunities for our students, to prepare them for performing opportunities beyond High School.

  10. JOY McNealley

    I teach third grade in a lower socioeconomic rural town in Western Washinton. we don’t get to do art very much due to a lack of materials. I could use watercolor paints, acrylic paints, chalk, markers, and other art supplies. The class is 23, 8&9-year-olds who would like nothing better than to have ‘REAL” art experiences. Thank you from my class and myself1 Joy

  11. La'Kisha Robinson

    Art supplies will be wonderful for my students and I. I work in a low-economy school. My students are not fortunate enough to receive allowance or parents with high-paying jobs. The arts supplies will be utilized so my students will be able to create gifts for their parents for various holidays. I bought a few things for Mother’s Day, and the mothers were greatly appreciated. I will like to do the same thing for other holidays, but I do not have the funding to do so. #AACHomePage #art #ArtClassrooms #ArtFund #ArtTeachers

  12. Jakia Johnson

    Art supplies will benefit my students tremendously, for my school is located in a urban community. These students are not given the same opportunities as other students in economically stable communities. Art supplies will give the students access to new projects.

  13. Mark Jackson

    I teach 6th and 7th-grade social studies. I am a firm proponent of project-based learning. With that idea comes a need for a lot of basic art supplies such as markers, construction paper, scissors, glue sticks, etc. Any help towards these things is always helpful!

  14. Angie S

    I would love to have stage risers for my second grade students to preform on stage during the Vetran’s Day program and the Thanksgiving play. We are a rural title school who does not have the funding to purchase.

  15. Mayra Elizondo

    Hello I teach first grade and my kids would greatly benefit from art supplies because they are all such amazing artist. Every Friday after our exams they get to draw while they wait for their peers to finish and some of them don’t even have crayons, but they share and I think that is so beautiful. I would love for them to have these materials because they deserve it.

  16. I teach Spanish and Social Studies at a small school that serves students often nit served at other schools. My students are 14-20 years old. They are single parents, immigrants, workers, and many times those students that others have given up on. My students are wonderful, kind, and courageous. They have big hearts and bigger challenges. They attend our alternative education center in order to improve their lives and those of their families, often their children. My students often have familial responsibilities disproportionate to their ages including their own children, younger siblings, illnesses without proper medical care, elderly family members, and underemployment.
    My students personify generational poverty. And yet, they want to make a difference in our world and to help others to make a difference as well. My students learn best through hands-on arts activities and would greatly benefit from arts materials to help them to be successful learners.

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