Fall Classroom Match

320 adoptions remain as of 9/20/2018!

We will update this page with how many $25 adoptions remain on a daily basis.

AdoptAClassroom.org works best for all of the teachers we serve when our teachers share their classroom fundraising efforts with their community. We want to give you a little extra incentive to share your classroom page on AdoptAClassroom.org early this school year to start your fundraising efforts off right.

Starting NOW teachers can receive a $25* match for one classroom donation if their donor uses the dedicated coupon code.

Do you want the code? Ask a teacher registered on AdoptAClassroom.org!

Act fast! Funds will run out.

*While funds last, up to $10,000. Only one $25 match per teacher. Teachers cannot donate to themselves in order to receive the match. Donations must be made via credit card online.



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