OOLY Teacher BFF Back-To-School Giveaway

ATTENTION TEACHERS! Get ready to WIN! OOLY is partnering with AdoptAClassroom.org for the Teacher BFF Back-To-School Giveaway!

We will be drawing three pairs of winning Teacher BFFs every day for five days and announcing on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to also follow OOLY’s Facebook page. Terms & Conditions apply.

Fill out the form below each day to enter.

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103 Responses to “OOLY Teacher BFF Back-To-School Giveaway”

  1. Oakdale Christian Academy & Child Care Center strives to provide a well-rounded Christian education and an environment that promotes Christian growth. Our ultimate aim is to develop motivated, confident, and independent learners who model Christ in our ever-changing world.

  2. Tran Polizzi is a caring and dedicated teacher and friend. she is truely amazing. She is always searching for new and better things to help her students learn and become excited about the curriculum. Tran Polizzi is constantly writing tons of grants through donorschoose (and is an embassador) to get STEM supplies and other needed materials to help her students and bring fourth the 21st century in education. As a colleague, Mrs. Polizzi is always helping out other teachers by helping to fund projects and willing to assist in any and all questions. Tran is truely an exceptional teacher, one of a kind and above all others.

  3. Maryann C orbett

    Hildalisa is a very hard working dedicated teacher who is always going above and beyond to help not only her students but her colleaques. She shares many of her ideas, materials, and unique projects with her other kindergarten teachers as well. When I was switched from my former sixth grade class after 18 years to kindergarten she was right there to assist in any way possible. Her expertise was a god send because of the huge adjustment and lack of sufficient supplies to run the class. Hildalisa’s knowledge is incredible and very note worthy. I feel as though this supply win for her would be an enormous blessing based on all she does for others without every giving a second thought to any of it. Hildalisa’s giving to her students and others is remarkable and beyond words.

  4. Madelene Ferrao

    Tina Horta has been not only my teacher best friend but my best friend for 20 years. We started teaching together in 1998 and became instant friends. We are always sharing ideas to help our students achieve and do their best.

  5. Pauline Pavlica

    Pauline always comes to my rescue. Whether it is doing something to alleviate my stress such as making copies or just listening. she always comes up with was to help students and engage the. I am truly greatfull to work with her!!


    My BFF and I have worked together for over 20 years! I have even been her daughter’s teacher! We encourage each other on bad days and laugh when we need a little stress relief. We write each other cute little notes and posts them on the computer or door so we see them when we come in. It helps make a rough morning much easier!

  7. Tina Ficklin is the hardest working teacher I know. She not only is a rock star in her classroom but strives to achieve the absolute best for our entire building! She is the driving force behind most of the amazing things that happen within our school!!

  8. Ruth Post

    I would love to nominate my sister Susan! She just began her first classroom teaching job for a class of second graders! Working in a school that serves a lot of less fortunate children I know this would help her serve her students even better!

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