Answer These 6 Questions and We’ll Match You With Your Dream Classroom Supply

Every teacher has classroom supplies that they dream of using in order to offer more enriching lessons for their students. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re acting as a Classroom Cupid by matching teachers with the classroom supplies they love!

Take our OkClassroom quiz to see which classroom supply is your perfect match:

1. Which television show is most binge-worthy?

A. Storage Wars

B. Good Eats

C. The Joy of Painting

D. Mad Men

E. Once Upon A Time


2. What’s your go-to romantic comedy?

A. Crazy, Stupid, Love

B. Eat Pray Love

C. Moulin Rouge!

D. His Girl Friday

E. You’ve Got Mail


3. Which book would you like to read or re-read?

A. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

B. Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom

C. Girl with a Pearl Earring

D. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

E. Fahrenheit 451


4. Who’s the celebrity you most identify with?

A. Tony Robbins

B. Rachael Ray

C. Jackson Pollock

D. Hunter S. Thompson

E. J. K. Rowling


5. How do you spend your weekend?

A. Planning for the week

B. Cooking

C. Working on an art project

D. Writing

E. Reading


6. Which city do you want to visit most?

A. Boston, MA

B. New York City, NY

C. San Francisco, CA

D. Minneapolis, MN

E. Portland, OR



Mostly A’s: You and organizational materials are a perfect match! 78% of teachers also like a neat classroom and purchase these materials to keep their supplies organized.

Mostly B’s: Food is your partner in crime! 74% of teachers also think food is important and provide classroom snacks for their students so they can focus on their learning instead of being distracted by an empty stomach.

Mostly C’s: You and art supplies belong together! 82% of teachers want to embrace classroom creativity and stock their classrooms with art supplies.

Mostly D’s: Your dream supply is writing utensils! 75% of teachers feel the same about the power of the pencil and purchase writing utensils for their students.

Mostly E’s: You would be lost without books in your life! 70% of teachers agree and purchase books for their classroom bookshelves so their students can succeed.

Help a teacher purchase their dream classroom supply by entering them to win a $50 donation with our Valentine’s Day giveaway. Like our Facebook page to keep an eye out for more giveaway opportunities.


39 Responses to “Answer These 6 Questions and We’ll Match You With Your Dream Classroom Supply”

  1. I would like to nominate my teachers as a recipient of the Valentines Day giveaway. We have had a fiscally tough year and they are consistently purchasing supplies on their own and have put in hours of work to assist with school improvement and the learning opportunities for our students.

  2. I would like to nominate my teachers for the Valentines giveaway. They are committed to the ongoing learning of all students despite the financial struggles the school has had in the past year. They are often purchasing supplies on their own and putting in extra hours to help with school improvement.

  3. Barbara Sutherland

    “Mostly A’s Art supplies are great for my students to create models of the science that they are learning. But organizational tools are very much needed to keep the supplies ready to be used be multiple classes all day!”

  4. I am the “C” team. I love letting the students be creative and enjoy the arts. T The students love being creative. My students especially get so much out of art. Not only the creativity using the art to encourage the use of their fine motor skills in a fun way!!

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