Enter your favorite teachers in our OOLY giveaway!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! It’s our favorite time of the year, and we’re so excited to partner with OOLY this year to make it extra special.

All week, we’ll be posting inspirational and humorous images on Facebook and Instagram and asking you to tag the teacher who comes to mind. That teacher will be entered to win an awesome prize pack from OOLY.* We’ll give away five prizes per day, and announce winners every morning. Don’t miss this free and easy way to show appreciation for your favorite teachers!

Looking for more ways to celebrate? Send a free video eCard here.

*If randomly selected as a winner, teachers will need to register (it’s free!) on AdoptAClassroom.org, so that we can verify that the prize is going to a school.


19 Responses to “Enter your favorite teachers in our OOLY giveaway!”

  1. In August 2016 we lost our entire classroom to a massive flood. My project will help purchase an iPad for my students to access to increase reading fluency and phonemic awareness. It will also allow me to download apps from the apple store which would allow students to access games to improve fine motor. Most of my students have moderate disabilities and incorporating technology within the classroom increases independence where the students feel a level of success. Please consider donating to help us rebuild one iPad at a time.

  2. Supporting our project helps us purchase an iPad which we lost in a flood during August 2016. Each of our classrooms was impacted by the flood and we are slowly trying to replenish those items we lost. Any donation big or small would help us continue to restore our classroom for student success.

  3. Kim Holmes

    There are three teachers who inspire me daily to be a better teacher myself. They have welcomed me with open arms and showed me what an amazing team can do together to help children reach their full potential. Jana Holterman, Necca Huttmann, and Debi Patin work every day to do their best in ways that inspire me, sharing resources, knowledge and experience.

  4. Dawn Palughi

    I am a retired teacher and I cannot say enough about Dawn’s dedication to her profession. She teaches young pre-k students with such a hands-on approach. She is giving of her own time to encourage stores to adopt her class. She uses her own time and gas to pick up various donations. Her students and their parents are truly blessed to have such an amazingly motivated teacher in their lives. She spends so much after hours time preparing fun activities for the students to engage in on a daily basis. Role models like Dawn provide a role model that will begin to mold children to love education and in turn be motivated to succeed in their future endeavors. She deserves to be recognized as a wonderful teacher!!

  5. Mrs. Quinto inspires me as a teacher. She runs the student council and is having the students publish and edit a news video. She also has a creative seating plan in her room using the floor and other options other than metal chairs. Mrs. Quinto is setting up a STEM maker station for all those students who want to join during her lunch time. She really is an inspiration for many teachers at our school and district.

  6. Robert Galino

    I am a self-contained teacher and work with students with autism. I would love to win supplies so that I can use with my students to enhance their experiences.

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