Win Tablets When You Participate in March Supply Madness!

Spring is in the air, bringing with it vacation dreams, beautiful flowers…and a complete shortage of basic classroom supplies. The tissues and eraser caps you bought at the beginning of the year (or maybe received from generous parents) are long gone. Dry erase markers are dry, scissors have walked off, and your students are sharpening pencils shorter than your pinkie.

The end of the school year is in sight, but you can’t get there without paper and hand sanitizer. We’re hopeful that donors on will help you through this home stretch. But we also thought we’d pitch in, and have a little fun while we’re at it!

If you’re not too confident about your NCAA bracket (or if you didn’t even bother to make one), we have a competition that might be more your style. We’ve designed March Supply Madness to determine which school supply is the classroom’s most valuable player.

Starting on Monday (March 20), we’ll put school supplies head-to-head on Facebook. Your votes will qualify you to win a set of TEN TABLETS from Best Buy, plus $50 worth of the winning supply! Vote every round to increase your chances of winning.

May the best item win!

**Updated Bracket as of 3/23

Want to do more to resupply your classroom this spring? Make sure you’re registered on, and check out our Teacher Backpack for tips to make your fundraising efforts more successful.  


126 Responses to “Win Tablets When You Participate in March Supply Madness!”

    • I want my students to use digital devices for all aspects of my intended lessons. I want them to be immersed, to view things augmented or to use virtual reality to take them beyond just my classroom. I want them to live out my lessons as if they are actually in that environment instead of hoping maybe someday I will get to visit or try to become that. I want them to live out their dreams and no longer see my classroom as a school room but as an outdoor adventure transporter into their future life goals. Those tablets will help us do that. Please pick us.

        • Students need to write, cut, and paste to improve their dexterity and muscle memory. Most students learn by reading, writing, and even typing it into word. I think we need a whole toolbox of supplies including tablets to really be successful. It isn’t eliminating it is incorporating.

      • I think tablets are the key to collaboration, communication, and collective data. My students work amazingly well when trying to solve a math problem or listen to a story being read aloud on a tablet. Technology also exposes the parents to what we are teaching and various ways to approach problems.

    • Yulanda Woodley

      Kleenex and hand sanitizer are valuable. They are multipurpose items. They are nice to look at and nice to hold. The can also be used for cleaning and wiping hands and Chromebooks that are so necessary for the well-being of our students!

  1. Amy Miller

    I think the MVP in my classroom are pencils because there never seems to be enough of them! Although, I would like to say it is my chromebooks. We are trying to gather funding to get them for my classroom!!!

  2. Supplies are always needed. The ten tablets would be great for my students as a cost cutting effort my six accessible computers were removed from my classroom. If I had accessible computers/laptops, my nonreaders could work with on assignments on their level and vocabulary building is possible.

  3. Tablets are BY FAR the MVP of classroom school supplies! My class uses them for every subject on a daily basis! I just wish we had a class set so that ALL students could be working on them at the same time. #MarchSupplyMadness

  4. Kellyann

    My class’ MVP is our iPads. But some are getting older and no longer can update to the newer IOS. I need to replace these while they still work. This would be a great opportunity to replace ⅓ of my tablets. Thank you, Adopt A Classroom for all you do for teachers and their kiddos!!!

  5. Jayne Jensen

    I love that Adopt a Classroom is helping teachers to get needed supplies. Pencils and erasers are on top of the list of supplies needed for my classroom. Chromebooks are awesome for the 21st century learners.

  6. Maria Arreola

    Thanks Adopt A Classroom for helping teachers out with much needed technology and supplies! LOVE all your promotions and contests offering opportunities for teachers to win items for their classrooms. Every day should be Teacher Appreciation Day! @Serrano_Hawks #SerranoHawks

  7. Carolyn Downey

    My most valuable K-1st grade classroom items would be pencils (the large size that don’t break as easily, and dry erase markers. My students would be so excited to win the 10 tablets as my 2 computers were donated 6 years ago and they are so slow and unreliable.

  8. Carolyn Downey

    My most valuable item for my K/1st grade classroom is the wide pencils that don’t break as easily and dry erase markers. It would be so helpful to win the 10 tablets as I have 2 computers that were donated 6 years ago. Those computers are so slow and unreliable.

  9. Would love to have tablets to help my students actively engage in the 21st century! To access sites like NASA and for a dyslexic student to have the ability to spell check opens the door to improve independent learning! Empower them!

  10. Amanda Brust

    I would love to have the tablets to facilitate my literature circles… kids love reading books through the Kindle app! I also have some students with Autism who would benefit through the text to speech options for their classwork! Thanks for helping students around the country!

  11. Amanda Brust

    I would love to have tablets to facilitate literature circles in my reading block. My students love to read books on the Kindle app. I also have students with Autism who would benefit from the text to speech option for classwork!

  12. Michelle M Stronczek

    pencils with ERASER on it. This time of year, most of the pencils are without erasers since they have been used so much! Secondly, is TISSUES. Nothing worse than a student coming to me with nose running down to htheir lip and asking for a tissue that I DO NOT HAVE. WE use toilet paper then. Desperate times, call for desperate measures.

  13. Brenda Morris

    In first grade , in March, we desperately need TISSUES! The amount of yuckies coming out of noses is overwhelming…and when one kid has to blow their nose, then they all need to blow their nose.

  14. Charlotte Sills

    Pencils!! We are down to 12 pencils in a classroom of 25 students. I guess we will start using crayons! Tissue is also a hot commodity in my classroom right now! It seems like we are going through a box a day.

  15. Amee Mirskov

    We have no baby wipes or lysol wipes to clean our desks and have to continually reach out to parents to help supply until the end of the year! Any addition to our classroom, will be humbly received and put to good use!

  16. The most valuable classroom supply from the list given would be pencils. We can never get enough. The most valuable supply not listed above is anything that gets the kids excited to learn; manipulative, flexible seating, learning games, center supplies, technology, and STEM project materials.

  17. Cynthia Fikree

    Digital is the way of life now. It is important to provide students the opportunity to learn on devices and be prepared for this way of life. With tablets and technology in the school systems, this provides an opportunity for ALL students to learn on devices and be prepared for this way of life..

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