Spotlight Fund Donors Support Great Teachers

The Spotlight Funds are a great way for donors to ensure supplies reach the classrooms that need them most. Through generous donations, supporters have funded deserving teachers in Highest-Need, Literacy and Language, Art, Music, STEM, and Special Education classrooms.

Get to know some of the first fund recipients, then donate to a Spotlight Fund today!

Highest-Need Classrooms Fund

20161219_140636Meet Nathan Kennedy. He teaches math to 6th grade students at Olson Middle School. Nathan’s classroom is nearly empty and lacks needed materials to keep his students engaged in their learning.

Many of his students don’t have basic classroom supplies because their families can’t afford to provide them. With support from donors, Nathan now has the funds to purchase classroom supplies before the start of a new semester.

Nathan’s classroom page >

Highest-Need Spotlight Fund >

Literacy and Language Fundimg_0203-1

Meet Ann Uzendoski. She teaches 3rd through 5th grade literacy and language at MTS Banaadir Academy. Most of Ann’s students are English language learners who recently emigrated to the United States from East Africa. Some of them came from refugee camps where they didn’t have the opportunity to attend school.

Her students are still in the process of learning to read and speak English, and they need supplies like writing utensils, notebooks, and books to learn. She now has funds to purchase these materials thanks to caring donors.

Ann’s classroom page >

Literacy and Language Spotlight Fund >

Art Fund

0-86-1Meet MaryAnn Rogers. She teaches art at Washington Tech Secondary Magnet. Many of MaryAnn’s students live below the poverty line and can’t afford to bring their own materials to class.

She uses money from her own paycheck to ensure her students have the supplies they need to complete projects. Because of the donations made to the Art Fund, MaryAnn can put art supplies in the hands of students who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them.
MaryAnn’s classroom page >

Art Spotlight Fund >

Music Fund

img_2762Meet Tim Martin. He teaches music at Washburn Senior High School. His classroom doesn’t have enough chairs or music stands for his students. As the population of his classroom continues to grow, so does the need for more equipment. Now that Tim has received a donation, he can provide more seating options for his students.

Tim’s classroom page >

Music Spotlight Fund >



Meet Susan Colletti. She teaches music at Battle Creek Magnet Elementary. Susan has more than 500 students, many of whom are living in poverty. The instruments in her classroom are getting old and worn out. To ensure her students have quality instruments, she relies on the Music Fund and classroom donations.

Susan’s classroom page >

Music Spotlight Fund >


Meet Margaret Volak. She teaches 2nd grade students at J. M. Grasse Elementary School. Margaret tries to integrate the latest educational technology into hermrsvolak classroom to teach her students to code and ensure they are prepared for ever-changing technological advances.

She works at a Title-1 school, so obtaining new technology can be a challenge. With funds from, Margaret can now purchase hands-on tech tools to help her students collaborate and learn new skills. STEM teachers across the United States have received similar support with the help of Visine, the Seed Sponsor of our STEM Fund.

Margaret’s classroom page >

STEM Spotlight Fund >

Special Education Fund


Meet Korto Dixon she teaches Pre-K special education students at Bryn Mawr Elementary. Her students have Autism Spectrum Disorder and need of sensory materials, fidgets, and other supplies to keep them engaged in their learning.

Without the right materials, her students have difficulty focusing during class. After receiving donations, Korto now has the funds to provided necessary materials for her students.

Korto’s classroom page >

Special Education Spotlight Fund >

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