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Question of the Month (comment with your response on the corresponding Facebook post for a chance to win $25 for your classroom):

If there were no limitations, what would your dream classroom look like?

In the spirit of October, here’s what we’re thinking:

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But we’d like to hear what you have in mind. Answer on Facebook for a chance to win $25 (and you may even be featured in an upcoming blog post!).

Featured Contest: Stand-Up Desk Giveaway 

So many of you tell us that you’re working to reinvent seating in your classroom. Well, here’s a perfect chance to jumpstart your effort! Safeco Active and WeAreTeachers are giving away five stand-up desks to one lucky teacher, all you have to do is enter!

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Featured Resource: Planning your Halloween Festivities 

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We gathered some of our favorite treats, games, and learning activities that will make Halloween fun for students of all ages!

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Just for Fun: Awesome Teacher Halloween Costumes 

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These teachers absolutely perfected their Halloween costumes, providing great inspiration for those of us out here who still have no idea what we’re going to do this year…

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4 Responses to “đź‘» The *Haunted* Teachers’ Lounge đź‘»”

  1. Varina Hollowell

    My classroom would be much larger since I have students with special needs. The teaching area would have a doorway open to the kitchen. There would be two stalls in the bathroom rather than one. There would be shelving in the bathroom. There would be more I Pads with an Apple account already on them. There would be a physical therapy swing. Classroom snacks would be available daily.

  2. Kim Dillard

    My dream classroom would offer a variety of areas for learning. Varied seating styles and areas would differentiate the different activities taking place at any given time during the school day. This classroom would also offer a variety of sensory areas so students are able to utilize these areas to regroup, relax and refocus and open themselves up to being able to learn throughout the school day. Inviting decorations as well as evidence of student work and the school theme/mascots will be incorporated throughout the room with a common color theme for individual areas as well as curriculum units.

  3. Lindsay Shields

    All of the broken printers, copiers, and televisions in the back of the room would be cleared out. There would be a doorway to outside so we could use the grassy courtyard outside the room as a space to learn, play, and grow. There would be a light grid on the ceiling so students could have professional lighting for their performances. One wall would be lined with mirrors so kids could practice dance. There would be ample storage for student projects.

  4. Lindsay Shields

    There would be a door to the outside so students could learn, play, and work outdoors or indoors. There would be a light grid on the ceiling so students would have professional lighting for their performances. There would be ample storage for student projects. One wall would have mirrors so students could practice dance.

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