What’s your teacher personality?

Can we guess what kind of teacher you are based on your favorite classroom accessories? With the help of Lane Bryant we’re going to try! Pick your favorites below and don’t forget to head into any Lane Bryant store to get a 15% teacher discount and support local classrooms.

1. Choose your ideal desk:


2. Choose your favorite decoration:


3. Choose the poster that best fits your personality:


4. Choose the Lane Bryant outfit you like the most (guys, you can still pick a favorite!):

Mostly A’s: Focused and Brainy

Your students respect you for your encyclopedia-like brain and serious work ethic. You’re the kind of teacher they can trust to hold them accountable and follow through on your promises. Plus, you’re full of all sorts of fascinating information, meaning it’s always worth listening closely in your classroom.

Mostly B’s: Creative and Silly

Maybe you’re the art teacher, or maybe you’re just passionate about bringing creativity and fun into all subjects. Either way, your students can count on you to encourage their craziest ideas. In your classroom, if you can dream it, you can make it happen. The confidence you inspire in students will help them succeed well into the future.

Mostly C’s: Nurturing and Sweet

When a student needs a hug, you’re the first teacher they’ll seek out. You make everyone feel safe and valued in your classroom, no exceptions. Your students will never forget your kindness or how you made them feel special every day.

Mostly D’s: High-Energy and Adventurous 

You’re the teacher that never sits down in the classroom. You’re happier when you’re on the move, and you keep your students engaged by getting them up and out of their seats. Students love coming to your classroom because they can’t know what to expect, and the lesson will never be boring.

Thanks for playing! Don’t forget to head into any Lane Bryant store to get a 15% teacher discount and support local classrooms.



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