New Feature Helps Active Teachers Shine

Have you noticed the new stars on profile pages?


We’ve added stars to the profiles of teachers who have logged-in during the current school year. Why?

For donors: now you can tell which teachers are actively working to raise funds, ensuring your donations are going to classrooms that need it most.

For teachers: many of you ask us how to increase your chances of getting adopted. This is an easy way! Just remember to login and update your account at least once a school year, and you’ll get more attention from corporate sponsors and individual donors. So, click here to login now and be sure to login and update your classroom page on a regular basis.


5 Responses to “New Feature Helps Active Teachers Shine”

  1. laura kanter

    New York City Schools do not begin until September 8th. I am a teacher at PS115 Brooklyn and would love to be included in the Kohl promotion. Is this possible? Thank you.

    • Shelby Pasell

      Hi Laura,

      We’ve heard this from a few teachers and parents and have passed that information on to Kohl’s. For this year, you’re still welcome to share any back to school picture from any year so that you can participate (:

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