This Valentine’s Day: Give TWICE AS MUCH to the classroom you love!

** February 11, 4 pm CST: We hit our goal of 100 classroom adoptions for Valentine’s Day! Thank you donors for supporting the classrooms you LOVE! While we no longer have matches available, there are many reasons why a classroom adoption is the best gift.**


There’s a lot of love for teachers at With a hand from Lane Bryant, we want to show teachers even more love this Valentine’s Day.

Our goal is to adopt 100 classrooms in time for Valentine’s Day, starting February 10. Give to your favorite classroom and Lane Bryant will match your donation up to $50!

We will keep the love going until we reach our goal!

valentine-card-coverWhen you give this Valentine’s Day, you will also receive a link to this downloadable valentine to give to your teacher.

Would you like us to send it on your behalf? Email [email protected].

Even more to love: All donations on are tax-deductible because we are a non-profit organization!

Can’t give right now? That’s OK! Email your friends about your favorite teacher’s page. Share your favorite classroom on Facebook or Twitter. Every little bit helps!

Matching begins at 12 AM on February 10 and ends when we hit our goal of 100 classrooms. Donors will be notified via email by 6pm ET each business day if their donation earned a match. Questions? Email [email protected].

To keep things fair and help as many classrooms as we can, we will only match $50/classroom for each donor (so, no multiple small donations just to get the match, please). We will match $50 each from multiple donors to the same classroom or multiple adoptions from one donor (so, if you’re a donor who loves more than one classroom, you can donate to all of them for a match). 


2 Responses to “This Valentine’s Day: Give TWICE AS MUCH to the classroom you love!”

  1. I have no pictures of my students, their special projects, my classroom or their struggles with reading. I have wanted to start a program with my lowest readers in hopes of motivating them to read. I was hoping to have 3 Kindles or Nooks donated to my classroom. I would be working with Scholastic to have leveled books to pull up on the Nook. They would be able to read some of their stories on the Nook or Kindle. Given that computers are the wave of the future, I thought this might help my students to want to read more. The Nook will never replace the books you get to hold in you hand, but it could be a start.;

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