Teacher Tip: Recruit a Classroom Champion to Help with Fundraising Needs

Fundraising! It’s why you got into teaching in the first place, right?

Not so much. However, you know that a lot of your students don’t have access to the supplies they need for a variety of reasons. Fundraising has just become part of the job for many teachers.

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Here’s the thing: you’re not alone. You have access to a community of people who want to help you do your job to the best of your ability. They know that offering you support matters for your students. For many teachers we talk to, the problem is learning how to ask for help.

AdoptAClassroom.org helps you connect your classroom to donation support. One way teachers are really successful using our platform is by recruiting a “Classroom Champion” to help them raise funds for their students. A Classroom Champion is your supportive cheerleader and your students’ superhero.

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Via Giphy

So who is a Classroom Champion and how can you find one?

Who is a Classroom Champion?

A Champion is someone who helps you get the word out about what your classroom needs. They advocate for your class on social media, with their friends, or in the community. They know you spend at least $500 of your own money on school supplies each year and they want to change that.

You community wants to help you. They want to give in a way that makes a difference for you and a big impact for your students. Those that can’t afford to give want to help, too. A Champion might not be able to give themselves, but they want to find someone who can.  From there, you can use your AdoptAClassroom.org page to accept their donation, thank them, and keep the in the loop about the impact of their donation.

How can you recruit your Classroom Champion?

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Tell your mom, a student parent, your best friend, your hairstylist…anyone who will listen about how teachers are struggling to meet the needs of their students today. Explain how a little help goes a long way. You know what you need, you ask for it on your AdoptAClassroom.org classroom page. Make sure that everyone who would like to help you knows what they can do.

Ways to ask if someone will be your Classroom Champion:

  1. Share your classroom page on social media and ask if anyone is willing to help by spreading the word.
  2. Email this blog post to a good friend or relative that wants to help and ask if they would be your Champion.
  3. Print out our fundraising resources (found after you login to the Teacher Dashboard to review your classroom page). Share them at community events and ask if anyone would help spread the word about your class.

Sometimes, asking for help is easier than asking for a donation. Together, you can do some really awesome things for your students.

Via Bites and Balance
Via Bites and Balance

After you’ve found a Classroom Champion or two, thank them then check this out together: How to Be a Classroom Champion >

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